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The PCV Category D1 test is for anyone wishing to drive a Minibus (16 passenger seats) for 'hire or reward'.  .

People who passed their Category B (Car) test before January 1997, will already have Category D1 on their driving licence, however, there is a code restriction '101' attached to this entitlement. This '101' restriction will only allow you to drive these vehicles either for 'private use' or on a 'voluntary' basis.

It is down to the individual driver to determine as to wether or not they require the D1 entitlement on their licence. Teachers, for example, should take legal advice before embarking on a school trip with this type of vehicle.

The test for "hire or reward" is "has there been a systematic carrying of passengers which goes beyond the bounds of mere social kindness".

If you would like to drive a minibus for 'hire or reward', wether that be through wages or payments/contributions by the passengers, then you must pass the D1 Minibus test.

Cat D1+E Minibus and Trailer Driver Training

The PCV Category D1+E licence is aimed at those people who already have their D1 licence, but would like to be able to tow a trailer with their minibus.

Once you pass your PCV D1+E Minibus test, this will allow you to drive any minibus with up to 17 seats for hire & reward with a trailer above 750kg.

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