Vehicle Daily Checks

Category C & D Safety Questions
CD1 Doors Show Show me how you would check that all doors including cargo doors are secure. All doors must be closed and locking levers for cargo doors are set in the recommened secured position.
CD3 Loads Tell Tell me the main safety factors involved in loading this vehicle. The load should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the vehicle so as not to affect control while the vehicle is being driven. Any load must be carried so that it does not endanger other road users. It must be securely stowed within the size and weight limits for the vehicle. The load needs to be secure so that it cannot move or fall from the vehicle when cornering or braking.
CD9 Body Tell Tell me how you would check the condition of the body is safe on this vehicle. As part of a daily walk-round check, ensure the body is fully roadworthy and there are no significant defects. No loose panels or items, which could endanger other road users. All inspection panels must be secure.

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